Alexy Guérer



Drum teacher

Studies: Music Performance (Drums) & Songwriting, Carleton University, Ottawa

Influences: Rock, Jazz, Blues, Funk, Latin, Pop, Fusion, Electronic

Alexy Guérer is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer, and audio engineer with a passion for teaching and education. His appreciation and affection for music is innate, and he holds such dedication to his craft and to improving his skill.
At the age of thirteen Alexy fell in love with the energy of the drum set. He first studied Jazz and Latin styles with Ottawa percussionist Jack MacGregor, and continued his drum education with Mike Essoudry at Carleton University; where he also studied music performance and interpretation, and aided in the creation of Canada’s first singer-songwriter program. Alongside drumming, Alexy is trained in a variety of instruments including piano, voice, and guitar. He enjoys being on stage, playing drums in Montreal based indie band King Karoshi and performing his solo singer-songwriter work. Alexy also works as an audio/mix engineer and producer and has been a part of numerous projects in an array of genres. When Alexy is not teaching you can find him practicing on his kit, in the studio, or composing with friends and colleagues.