Piano teacher


Baccalauréat en musique – interprétation
Université d’État du Paraná – École de Musique et des Beaux-Arts du Paraná (Brésil)

Diplôme d’études supérieures spécialisées en interprétation, option piano
“Université d’État du Paraná

Alirio is a pianist and piano teacher who loves to learn. He holds a DESS in music performance, a bachelor’s degree in piano and a conservatory DEC in piano and since his early years as a beginner, he has been practicing composition and arranging and recently has also been involved in the composition of didactic repertoire. He is interested in various arts and hobbies and believes that artistic expression is also the result of everything around us and everything we seek. Alirio is classically trained and loves classical music, but he also enjoys pop and oriental animation music. He is interested in visual arts, architecture and even cooking.

One of his favorite moments on stage was in 2018, at a recital where, for the first time, he was able to play without regard to the outside environment, the music being his only attention. And that’s what he wishes for his students: to love what they do and to love learning, whether on a big stage or in their own room. Having specialized in music performance, Alirio knows good study practices to get results and knows what elements to learn well and how to avoid distractions and maximize study time. His technical training is based on the efficient use of the body to achieve good results with less effort. His main approach is to encourage students to evaluate themselves and find their best study routines.

Whether you want to play for fun, health or inspiration, or whether you want to play professionally, he will gladly guide you.