Gabriel Begin-Larocque



Guitar teacher

Studies: Bachelor of Fine Arts, Jazz Guitar, Concordia University

Influences: Jazz, classical, funk, rock, heavy metal, blues, world music & contemporary music

Gabriel started playing the piano at the age of 8, his father being a contemporary music lover and pianist, he was already surrounded by music of all kinds. In high school, he followed the guitar program for three years, in addition to taking private lessons. A few years later, he completed his DEC in jazz guitar at Cégep Marie-Victorin where he studied with great local guitarists such as Pierre Côté and Greg Amirault. It is these two teachers who inspired him to take the path of teaching, they made him want to share the passion for the instrument.

He is passionate about teaching, pushing learning based on the needs of the student without neglecting the history of music, the technical aspects and the art of expressing himself while having fun.

Before becoming a jazz fan, Gabriel played mainly rock and blues. The discovery of guitarist Allan Holdsworth will undoubtedly have changed his course. The mix of rock energy combined with the complexity of jazz and thoughtful rhythms immediately captured his attention. Jazz fusion was to become a major influence for him, one that would allow him to mix his influences while removing the barriers that are often assigned to a particular genre.

His influences are numerous, from Tim Miller to Gilad Hekselman, Peter Bernstein, Mike Moreno, Michel Cusson, John Lee Hooker and Arnold Shoenberg. His main passion is Jazz, but he loves classical, rock, blues, world music and contemporary music.
He is a fan of intense and technical music, but above all appreciates the message that the artist is trying to express. In pursuance of his jazz training, he started a bachelor’s in jazz guitar at Concordia University. He has been teaching guitar for several years while working as a freelance musician in different contexts (pop, funk, rock, metal, jazz) and loves to compose music of all kinds.