Marc Deslandes



Clarinet, flute, saxophone, trombone and trumpet teacher.

Studies: Enseignement de la musique, UQAM

Influences: Classical, musical comedy,
contemporary, jazz

Marc has enjoyed singing from a very young age. His introduction to music started in primary school as a solo singer in a choir. In secondary school he must opt for the clarinet rather than the saxophone, for budgetary reasons, but soon becomes first in his class and discovers a grand new repertoire for ensembles and symphonies. As his interest in wind instruments grows, he begins to learn to play the bass clarinet, the trumpet followed by the saxophone as well as the world of jazz and stage bands. As a clarinetist since 2009 with l’Orchestre Philharmonique Équitable, it is under the baton of conductor André Gauthier with whom he will also study. It is with his excellent skills in communications and interest in teaching that he passes his admission tests for music teaching at the Université du Québec à Montréal. He completed his clarinet studies in 2010 with Martin Carpentier, clarinetist with l’Orchestre Métropolitain de Montréal. He has been teaching brass and wind instruments since 2008 with passion and devotion.