Marc Deslandes



Clarinet, flute, saxophone, trombone and trumpet teacher.

Studies: Enseignement de la musique, UQAM

Influences: Classical, musical comedy,
contemporary, jazz

Marc has loved singing since his childhood. His beginnings in music began in his primary school choir. He is given a few solos. In high school, he studied both clarinet and saxophone, involving himself in several musical projects. His passion for music led him to perform with several small and large ensembles. He is interested in musical writing and arranging as well as chamber music and symphony orchestra repertoires.

As an adult, Marc studied ensemble conducting with Mr. André Gauthier, trumpeter and conductor. As part of his studies for a bachelor’s degree in music teaching, he studied classical clarinet at UQAM with Martin Carpentier, clarinetist with the Montreal Metropolitan Orchestra.

Marc has been interested in all wind instruments for a long time and does not fear musical challenges. His professional experiences have led him to direct young people in a school context as well as adults in a musical comedy context. He has taught clarinet, saxophone, flute and trumpet in private lessons for over 15 years and continues to perfect his teaching skills at university.