Guitar and ukulele teacher

Studies: Bachelor in musical writing (in progress), Université de Montréal

DEC in composition and arrangement, Cégep Lionel Groulx


At the age of 8, Zacarie began learning music by taking private piano lessons and entering an arts concentration in elementary school. At the age of 13, he discovered a new passion for the electric guitar. He then became interested in various styles, rock, heavy metal, jazz fusion and blues. Being able to practice up to 40 hours a week around the age of 15, he developed various techniques and participated in a televised talent contest where he won first prize (0 to 1000, the talent scale).

He then undertook a DEC in Professional Music Technique and Pop/Jazz Songs at Lionel Groulx College, to which he added a year in composition as an additional diploma. He is currently completing his Bachelor in artistic practice at UQAM.

Zacarie has been teaching guitar in music schools and privately for over 8 years, but he has also been teaching piano and ukulele for almost 2 years. Having developed many technical and theoretical skills in various styles including popular, jazz, classical, blues and underground, he will enrich the learning of a wide variety of students and share his infectious passion for music.